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Concerns about COVID-19 

Dr. Chan has been fully vaccinated with an mRNA prime series and booster against COVID-19.  Now more than ever, her 1:1 treatment philosophy provides the highest quality care and safety possible. We offer both in-person and remote visits to meet all patients' needs and comfort levels. Below are the current policies for in-person treatment:


  • As of February 21, 2022, the studio has lifted its mask requirement following the changes in the NYS mandate. Patients are welcome to continue masking themselves, but should be aware that there may be others in the shared studio who are unmasked.
  • Medical grade HEPA air filters, effective to 0.1 microns, run while the studio is in use and an hour after closing. 
  • We ask that patients do not arrive early in order to limit occupancy, and clean between patients. 
  • If anyone has symptoms of COVID-19 or had a known recent COVID-19 exposure, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance so that we can determine the advisability of coming to PT.
  • While fomite transmission (ie, spread via contaminated surfaces) has been shown to be insignificant with COVID-19, CDC-approved sanitizing sprays are used to disinfect all surfaces and equipment after each patient.
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