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Dr. Stephanie Chan, PT

Dr. Chan earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. With 20 years of experience in the field and the former Clinical Director of a busy Manhattan clinic, she draws upon a wide array of methods and techniques to employ a uniquely integrative, holistic approach. She often helps patients who have been misdiagnosed by MDs or undergone unsuccessful PT elsewhere.

Rather than looking only at the local symptoms, Dr. Chan examines the body as a whole, honing in on the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction. She is a Certified Barefoot Rehab Specialist and incorporates principles of Pilates, yoga, and athletic training to create a custom treatment plan for patients of any age, ability, and activity level. 

Dr. Stephanie Chan, PT

Dr. Chan never aspired to start her own business, but tiring of the ever-increasing focus on profit in larger clinics, she decided to take control of how she practiced. In February 2019, she opened her doors to deliver principled PT, with a practice model that emphasizes low volume, high quality care.

Stephanie first discovered the power of PT as a patient, after sustaining several different injuries from competitive and recreational sports. She was astounded by what a PT could ascertain using only their eyes, ears, and hands. Experiencing the progression from excruciating pain to a return to painfree function, she was inspired to help improve people's quality of life and achieve their goals. Over two decades later, Dr. Chan has never forgotten her first impression of physical therapy's powerful simplicity.


A native of northern California, Stephanie loves the outdoors and nature, rowed crew for 4 years at Northwestern, and continues to enjoy triathlon, skiing, and hiking. She loves all animals, especially her grumpy bunny, Shamu (#chezshamu), and is likely to be spotted hugging trees or biking to the beach in summer. She's conversant in Spanish and Portuguese, and speaks survival French and Chinese.


Above all, Dr. Chan promises that physical therapy with her will be as fun as it is restorative.

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