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Here's what Dr. Chan's patients have said about their experience.

Google reviews Dr. Stephanie Chan, PT in Brooklyn New York, best physical therapist one-on-one care successful rehab recovery
Stephanie Chan PT DPT Yelp review best physical therapist in Brooklyn New York, one-on-one treatment, highly recommend!
successful physical therapy rehabilitation recovery
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"I’ve been sticking to your prescribed exercises, I can’t thank you enough for your crazy genius — you succeeded where my two previous PTs abjectly failed. Thank you for being so amazing."

LINDSAY R.       

"I found Dr. Stephanie Chan and after one visit I ditched my 'assembly-line' style PT for her totally focused one-on-one therapy in a beautiful, calming studio in Boerum Hill.  Dr. Chan is brilliant and truly cares, and since I started seeing her I'm doing so much better and making much faster progress."


"I was lucky enough to find Dr. Stephanie Chan who has such a vast knowledge of anatomy, it's like she's psychic in knowing exactly what you need.  She's super smart, she's fun, she's a great conversationalist.  She gives you one on one treatment and sometimes it's really hard...but it works. She even helps with all the obnoxious insurance stuff. I'm so happy I found her and she made me feel 1000% better. She is an amazing and gifted healer."


"I have had the unfortunate need for physical therapy throughout my adulthood and have had a variety of experiences. I had been working with a different PT for over 2 months to address a hip injury. In just 2 sessions, Dr. Stephanie Chan's approach and experience added to me finally feeling relief and over the course of working together, my condition steadily improved and I was back to running half marathons. She's wonderful and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


"I saw Dr. Chan for help with a frozen shoulder.  Her practice is the opposite of a mill. She works with just one patient at a time and is focused on that patient for the entire therapy session.  She listens and works with her patients to figure out the most effective intervention.  She is fabulous.  I highly recommend!!"

"I have been through numerous PT's the past 5 years and Dr. Stephanie Chan is hands down the best! She is honestly one of the loveliest, funniest people I've ever met! I have very complex needs and nothing is too much for her. I really can't recommend her highly enough. I always hated going to PT because I've been doing it for 5 years solid now (neurosurgical issues as well as orthopedic) and have been seeing her about 6 months and I still look forward to going to PT 3 times a week! I've progressed more the past 6 months than I have anytime the past 5 years!"

"It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that my sessions with you, after years of assembly-line-style physical therapy, were a revelation."

OREN B.       
"I have had several issues over the past few years that have required physical therapy to resolve and my experience with Dr. Chan was by far the best. There is constant interaction to be sure the exercise is actually beneficial and to maximize the benefit of each session. She is without a doubt my number one choice for a physical therapist."

"Extremely professional, knowledgable and fun.  She makes what would ordinarily be a difficult process uplifting and encouraging.  She is spot on with her course of action both at the practice and recommended therapy at home. My recovery time was minimal based on her professional knowledge. My children have all seen Stephanie as well and she is great with children.  They both connected with her and were actually sad that the PT was over but extremely happy to be back to running around again."


“I have dreadful disc disease and multiple sclerosis. With twice weekly therapy, Dr. Chan has kept me independent, active and happy!"

STANLEY M.       

"Dr. Chan,  I'll miss you a lot. You were so important in getting me past a lot of pain, out of a walker, and off a cane.  And I've learned so much from you."

KATE B.         
"I was a mess when I started PT with Stephanie. I had chronic lower back pain that had not responded to 2 previous physical therapists or even to a very scary epidural. Stephanie not only treated the crippling pain, she even pushed me from being someone who did 'light exercise' to running (something I'd never done in my life; I can now run for an hour). She has an analytical approach and treated my persistent injury like a puzzle to solve. It turned out that although the local issue was the disc herniation, my whole way of walking, standing, sitting (practically even breathing) was reigniting the problem over and over again and so she taught me how to not re-injure myself by treating the issue holistically. She is really SMART--that's a quality you want in someone who's fixing your body."

ROSINA I.        

“Dr. Chan Is a most wonderful physical therapist. I was her patient after having a serious fall, injuring my left knee on the sidewalks of New York City. After the session I would walk home with greater mobility and security. Today I have no pain walking up and down subway steps and I credit her care for my recovery. In addition to her great talent as a therapist, her sense of humor, her patience, her great knowledge about so many things, her humanity, made each session a pleasure."

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Google reviews Stephanie Chan PT DPT in Brooklyn New York, best physical therapist one-on-one care successful rehab recovery
Stephanie Chan PT DPT Yelp review best physical therapist in Brooklyn New York, one-on-one treatment, highly recommend!
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