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What to expect from your PT treatments

Initial Evaluation

Whether it’s your first ever PT visit or you've it many times in the past, Dr. Chan will perform an evaluation that includes taking your history, physically examining you, and making a clinical diagnosis. She treats the problem and gives her assessment of the underlying factors contributing to your issue. Overwhelmingly, patients notice an improvement within their 1st visit.

Physical Therapy Evaluation Assessment

Initial Evaluation and Clinical Exam

Because every patient’s needs differ, no two people receive the same treatment. Most plans of care involve a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, and while heat, ice, or neuromuscular stimulation are used occasionally, evidence supports an active approach to therapy. Dr. Chan prefers to instruct patients to use passive modalities on their own at home to most effectively make use of each session. She educates patients on biomechanics, posture, and functional training to help restore normal function and avoid re-injury.
Manual stretch neck upper traps

Manual Therapy Treatment

Yes, there will be homework! How much depends on your condition, level of function, and tolerance to activity, but even just 20 minutes a day will help you improve faster by reinforcing movement patterns, posture, and strength that you will be learning during treatment. As your condition improves, your homework will also evolve. 
Physical Therapy Treatment Exercise Theraband Ankle Strengthning

Instructing Home Exercises

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